• Event App Reseller Programme

    Resell event apps under your own brand using our easy to use white label event app system.

Fully branded app builder

Our white label Reseller Programme provides you with full brand control over your CMS.

Your own branded previewer app

Great for selling – use your branded previewer app to impress your prospective clients by demoing live mock-ups.

Be pro-active – allow clients to quickly and easily review apps before publishing.

White Label Event Previewer app

Revenue generating features

Not only can you choose the price you will sell your event apps for; you can optionally extend your offering with the Exhibitor Plus Programme. This is a package of standard in-app features designed to allow event Exhibitors/Partners the ability to promote themselves within the app.

This is usually seen as an exciting prospect for Event Organisers as it can make their event app pay for itself. We charge a simple fixed fee per programme entrant. How you choose to split the extra revenue between you and your client is entirely up to you.

Exhibitor Plus Programme

Provide an event app service for your existing customers

Platform constantly being updated with new features

App store submissions taken care of for you

Dedicated Account Manager

Resell single or multi-event apps

Easy to use app builder with live previewer

CMS & Apps multi-language capable

No coding or technical skills required

One-to-one training

Built on solid and secure cloud infrastructure